Profile of the Secretary General

Babessi Town

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Profile of the Secretary General

¶  Mr. TIFULIA Kingsley NSANYUI - Secretary General, Babessi Council


¶  Experience in the Council - From 2004 - up till Date (17 years)

¶  Masters Degree in Local Government Engineering - University of Dschang.

¶  Diploma in General Administration, Cycle 1 - CEFAM Buea.

¶  Communication and Public Relations - Ngoketunjia 3 Section Babessi.

¶  President of the North West Association of Council Secretary Generals.

¶  Technical Advisor No 1 of the Network of Cameroon Secretary Generals for Councils.

¶  President of Finkwi Development and Cultural Association, Babungo (FICUDA).

¶  Vice President of Vengo Mbendee (Babungo Cultural and Development Association).

¶  Secretary General of Babessi United Football Club.

¶  Promoter of Inter-Quarter Football Competition.

¶  Part-time Reporter of Babungo Community Radio.