Socio-economic Milieu of Babessi Municipality

Babessi Town

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Socio-economic Milieu

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Development Actors

Development actors may be considered as authorities, organizations, projects or program which contribute to the socio-economic development of the Municipality. These actors include:  Administrative authorities, sector ministries, and parastatals, traditional and religious bodies, civil society organization, private business enterprises and development projects/programs and international organization. The development role of each of these actors is discussed in the following sections.

Administrative authorities

This is constituted of the SDO for Ngoketunjia and DO for Babessi. These two administrative authorities cooperate and collaborate with the council for the socio-economic development of the Municipality.

Sector Ministries and Parastatalss

The sector services are implanted within the Council areas include: Basic Education, Agriculture, Sports and Physical Education, Youths and Civic Education, Social Affairs, Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Public Health, MINFI through the Treasury, MINDEF through the Gendarmerie and Public security post. The other sector Services work with the Council from their Divisional Offices in Ndop. The parastatals collaborating with the council include: FEICOM, ARMP and National Social Insurance.  The Sector Ministries provide technical assistance to the Council in its socio-economic activities while the parastatals provide financial assistance for the development of the Municipality.

Tradition and Religious bodies

The Babessi Council comprises 4 Fondoms with autonomous Fons who are the auxiliaries of the administration and custodians of local traditional values and assets. The following religious denominations are implanted in the Municipality: Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist with a strong presence in Bangolan and Babungo, Apostolic, Full Gospel, Muslims whose presence is predominant in Bangolan, Jehovah Witness and a host of other Christian denominations. The traditional bodies provide land for development purposes and support in the mobilization of the local populations for community development activities. The religious bodies provide health, education, moral and spiritual development of the population and some other public services to the communities.

Civil Society Organizations (CSO)

The CSO is understood to comprise legalized CIGs, EIG, Associations, Cooperatives, NGO and professional unions (e.g. driver’s union, etc). These organizations contribute enormously in the socio-economic development of the Municipality, especially in the agropastoral activities. Some of the CSO active in the Municipality include: Village Development Associations (VDA), Plan Cameroon, COMINSUD, and ACTWID-KONGADZEM.

Financial establishment and Private Business Enterprises

The major financial establishment is money transfer agency. The only money transfer agency is the Express Union and credit unions for example:  Bangolan Credit Union (BANCU), Babessi Credit Union and Ngoketunjia Credit Union in Babessi and Babungo, Papaikkum Credit Union in Baba I. Private businesses enterprises include: supplies, construction works such as council buildings, roads and bridges, among others. These are entrepreneurs who provide employment opportunities especially for the youths of the Municipality.

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