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Brief Presentation of Babessi Council

Babessi Council is located in Ngoketunjia Division, along the Bamenda – Kumbo road. It is surrounded by Jakiri and Oku Sub Divisions of Bui Division; Belo Sub Division in Boyo Division; Bangorian in Noun Division and Ndop central Sub Division in Ngoketunjia Division. Babessi Council was created in 1995 by Presidential Decree No – 95/082 of 24th April 1995. It went operational in 1996.  It has a surface area of 240 km2 and a population of 63,254. It is made of 4 villages namely: Baba 1, Babungo, Bangolan and Babessi.

The Headquarter of Babessi Council and the Babessi Sub Division is located at Babessi town. Since its creation the Council has been administered by 6 Lord Mayors as show in the Table below:

History of Mayors of the Council

# Name of Lord Mayor From To
1 Mr. CHOH ISSA BUBA January 1996 August 2002
2 Mr. TIKANJOH STEPHEN August 2002 16th October 2012
3 Mr. TAMFU INUSSA October 2012 April 2013
4 Mr. TIKANJOH STEPHEN April 2013 October2013
5 Mr. CHOH ISSA BUBA April 2013 March 2020
6 Mr. METOH MBAH JOACHIM March 2020 Till Date

Source: ACTWID KONGADZEM, field data, 2017

The population in Babessi villages is generally cosmopolitan. The Municipality has
69 quarters which are distributed in the 4 main villages as shown below: