Minority and Vulnerable Groups in Babessi Municipality

Babessi Town

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Minority and Vulnerable Groups

Minority Groups

The Mbororos are the minority in Babessi Council area. They are represented at the Council through a Councillor. The population of the Mborroros in the urban space can be estimated at about 250 people. Following developmental trends, they are getting more settled and integrated into the rest of the community and are involved in economic activities such as bike riding, petit trading, tailoring and driving of inter-urban transport vehicles. Most of their children attend schools in the Islamic schools. This due to the fact that they are getting more and more exposed to the rest of the communities.

Vulnerable Groups

These are children who have lose both parents. Most of them are scattered in the various villages, living with other extended family relatives, usually their grandparents. The identification of these children is ongoing. Unfortunately, there is no orphanage in the Municipality.

Age persons
There a few aging persons in the Council area. Such persons receive assistance from CDVTA which operate in Babessi and Babungo